People have enjoyed placing bets from times immemorial, which is why casinos were constructed in the first place. Modern casino players are faced with the option of playing at online casinos although there are still a number of land casinos around. This has naturally led to the dilemma as to whether land casinos are better than online casinos or vice versa.


Unique Experiences

Casino enthusiasts who have played at both land casinos and online casinos say that they are two unique experiences. Playing at land casinos is a great social experience, although a bit more expensive. Land casinos offer the royal experience, enabling players to participate in live games and interact with other players and lovely croupiers. One of the greatest attractions of land casinos are the free drinks and loyalty rewards they offer.

Playing at online casinos, however, is more convenient and affordable. Although there are no free drinks in the online casino gaming experience and players cannot have the pleasure of watching lovely croupiers in action, they can play a wide range of casino games, grab free casino money in the form of bonuses and loyalty rewards and participate in a wide range of lucrative promotions.

Land casinos and online casinos, therefore, have their own advantages and disadvantages.



Online casinos are more convenient than land casinos. While one has to get ready and travel all the way to land casinos, one can play at online casinos in the comforts of home and save travelling costs. Moreover, some land casinos prevent players from smoking in their premises, but one can smoke as much as one likes in one's own house.


Free Games

Land casinos do not allow players to play for free although they serve plenty of free drinks. This makes land casinos very expensive for beginners who are still trying to understand the rules of some of the games. On the other hand, online casinos offer games for fun as well as real money. Beginners can play in the fun mode as much as they like till they learn the rules and strategies of the games and gain the required confidence to wager real money.


Bonuses and Promotions

One can avail of promotions, bonuses, and loyalty rewards at land-based casinos, but they are nothing compared to the bonuses, promotions, and loyalty schemes that one can enjoy at online casinos. For example, no land-based casinos will offer players free cash bonus just for coming to the casino for the first time. Online casinos, on the other hand, not only offer welcome bonuses, but also first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, birthday bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and game-specific bonuses. Besides, players can participate in slots tournaments, enjoy free spins, and grab cash backs.



Players can gamble as much as they wish at online casinos and keep it a secret, something that is impossible at land-based casinos. Players can also rest assured that online casinos adopt the latest security technology to ensure player protection, privacy, and security, something that is not always possible at land-based casinos


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